Kesh – Metallic Keshi Pearl Earrings


Lustrous Metallised Keshis

These almost magically lustrous and colorful keshi pearls won’t miss a chance to make it hard for those around you to take their eyes off of them, as they playfully dangle from your ears!

These are hard-to-find gem quality, natural-color metallic keshi pearls with excellent luster and lots of eye-teasing iridescence. They dazzle with their natural and mysterious beauty, and look as though they have been dipped in liquid metal.

Although they come in free-form shapes, they are generally blemish-free and exhibit excellent luster, and are selected to be very similar to each other in color, overtones, iridescence as well as shape (although being keshis, they will still be far from being identical!). The pearls’ sizes are roughly 1 cm high by 13 mm long and 7 mm at their thinnest point. Please note that due to the nature of keshi pearls, no two pairs of earrings are exactly the same – but you will love the one we will make for you!

The earrings are about 38 mm (1.5 inches) long.

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