Roxy – Metallic Pearls, Rustic Style


Oxidized Iridescent Beauty

These freshwater pearls have a natural metallic colors, amazing luster and extreme iridescence. In other words, they will never fail to dazzle you and those around you. It is almost difficult to see their white base color under the rainbow of changing colors that shines from them as you gaze at them from every new angle.

They hang from oxidized nickel-free sterling silver wire and stud findings, for an understated look that is definitely on the elegant side of rustic. The pearls’ shapes are slightly different in each pair (but always drop-shaped in general), because total focus goes towards finding pearls with a very high match of the combination of natural metallic color, high iridescence and excellent luster… and finding two such pearls in exactly the same “”non-standard”” shape is quite simply an almost impossible task!

These hand-made earrings are about 23 mm (0.9 inches) long.

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