Coco – Fine White Pearl Cascade Bracelet


A Myriad of Fine White Pearls at Your Wrist

This hand-made pearl bracelet takes no less than 58 high quality white pearls of three different sizes and arranges them in such a way that will remind you of organic patterns found in nature, such as a bunch of grapes, or… a pearl vine, if pearls grew on vines! Don’t we wish they did 😉

The set has been worn by a couple of close friends of Love My Pearls, who generously let us show you the photos of their elegant yet simple pearl jewelry pieces being worn on their Big Day! Congratulations Guillaume and Coralie!

The silver findings and clasp are nickel-free .925 sterling silver. The bracelet is 7.5 inches long with the clasp closed. If you need it to be a little tighter, just twirl the bracelet on itself a few times around before closing it; twirling it will have a slight shrinking effect and make it tighter on the wrist, but won’t change the way the pearls “”fall”” naturally from the bracelet.

This sensual and elegant bracelet is the perfect match to the “”Lise”” white pearl cascade earrings you’ll see below in the “”matching jewelry”” section.

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