Customer Care

Customer Care

Hello! We hope you will let us show you that at Love My Pearls, we care a whole lot about your customer experience. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who owns Love My Pearls jewelry and isn’t happy about the way they were treated from the beginning of their purchase, until the moment they received their jewelry – and still after that! We believe the number of returning customers speaks for the way we take care of every single customer, as if he or she were our last. If something does go wrong with your order, you can count on us to make it as right as can be. Just contact us and let us know what has gone wrong, and we will take it from there.

We hope you’ll become part of the ever-growing family of proud Love My Pearls jewelry owners all over the world. 🙂

Shipping & Delivery

We ship to most of the world’s countries. For a fast delivery we use EMS Speedpost, a shipping solution similar to DHL or UPS but slightly more affordable. Express Registered Airmail is even more affordable, but comes with slightly longer possible delivery times, although in normal conditions these parcels don’t take more than a couple of weeks for delivery. For more information, please view the Shipping Information page.

Privacy & Security

We don’t keep any of your payment information on any of our systems. To protect your data during payment transactions, we use the latest and up-to-date technologies including SSL, and our website’s security and integrity is tested and secured on a daily basis by several security companies.

Returns & Replacements

Just in case you should have any doubts, don’t forget we have a 90-day no-questions asked money back guarantee – whether your jewelry is faulty or not! Our jewelry is made to very high standards, and several quality checks are performed on each and every piece of jewelry that is delivered to you. But no-one is perfect and accidents do happen, so in the case of any defect with your jewelry, we offer free repairs for a period of one year and one month from the date your order is shipped to you. If you would like to enquire about a return or exchange, please contact our customer support staff and we will help you from there.

Payment Information

We accept any of several types of payment: bank transfers, PayPal payments, and major credit cards. Click here for all the details: payment information.

Contacting Us


Please do write or call us for any reason whatsoever – we’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with us in one (or more) of several ways: we do our very best to reply to e-mail within 1 to 2 days on weekdays, as well as most Saturdays. Just click… right… here. Here. Yep, here.


You can reach us by phone at +852 2984 2322, by snail-mail at:

4B – 13 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Rd
Mui Wo – Lantau
Hong Kong SAR

(nope, there are no postal codes in Hong Kong, strangely – and yes, we do love receiving post cards from anywhere in the world!

In case you wish to visit us in person, please be sure to drop us a line or e-mail first, as we don’t have a showroom — only an office.  This very much helps to keep our online prices as low as low can be, but it also means visits can only be made by appointment – thanks for your understanding. 🙂

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