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Welcome to Love My Pearls!

You’ve just entered a place where the fresh-water cultured pearl is queen, and honored in simply beautiful ways. A well-lit specialty boutique in a hip yet secluded corner of the internet. We hope you have a very enjoyable shopping experience!

If you browse around a little, you’ll find that we don’t just sell pearls. We give you extraordinary beauty, at prices that are only available online and from the heart of the pearl industry itself: Hong Kong.

Who Are We?

Love My Pearls was born when people from various parts of the world met in a special place, sometimes hazy but usually very sunny and humid, on the cultural frontier between East and West. Hong Kong, it turned out, was a place from which we could offer something beautiful to the the rest of the world at a price unmatched anywhere else.

Hong Kong is home to one of the world’s largest supplies of freshwater cultured pearls. It is a place from which we are able to share amazing bargains with people like you, from around the world, thanks to the internet. We’ve brought together a team of passionate people to bring you the best in affordable luxury: a treasure that you will enjoy for the rest of your life, without leaving a memorable hole in your purse or wallet.

We have a passion for Quality. A passion for Style. A passion for Customer Service Excellence. At Love My Pearls, we are committed to sharing with you our deep appreciation for the beauty and wonder of pearls.


Our Commitment to You and to the Environment: 5% of profits go back to the Oceans every Year!

We aim to provide quality products and customer service excellence at an affordable price, especially given the current economic crisis. But while doing this, we also strive to help the environment, which is increasingly in need of it nowadays. At Love My Pearls we are convinced that the many major global environmental problems facing us today can only be solved if everyone contributes to the solutions.

We believe that providing a great value and service should not be done at the expense of our beloved and indispensable environment. We continually try to lower our impact on the environment at both the individual and collective levels.

We use environmentally-friendly materials and equipment whenever we can, recycle as much as we can at work and at home in our daily lives, and generally try to limit our impact on the environment we live in – as individuals and as a company.

In order to help out a little bit more, Love My Pearls donates 5% of profits to ocean environment related non-profit organisations.

For more information about what you can expect when shopping with us, read about Our Guarantee to you right here.

About our Cultured Pearls

The freshwater cultured pearls found on the Hong Kong pearl market, where we select our pearls, originate mostly from China. They are produced in a freshwater environment that can range from a small, family-owned pond, to large lakes that belong to farms.

Freshwater cultured pearls are more affordable than their saltwater counterparts (such as Akoya, South Sea, or Tahitian) of the same quality for a very simple reason: nowadays, there are about 10 freshwater cultured pearls produced for each saltwater cultured pearl. At all levels of quality, there are many more freshwater cultured pearls than saltwater cultured pearls for available sale – and the freshwater pearls are more affordable. This better price even comes with the advantage of an equal quality or better, since freshwater pearls tend to have a longer period of growth than their saltwater counterparts, resulting in thicker layers of nacre.

Just in case you’re wondering, all of our pearls have been selected by a pearl-passionate graduate of the GIA Pearls studies who scored no less than a 100% result on the Pearls Graduate exam. Your pearls are in good hands!


We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you with your online jewelry purchase!


The Love My Pearls Team

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